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Welcome to the Arts For All Canterbury Network directory. To update your information or become a member, contact Stace Robertson, Access Inclusion and Participation Advisor, Arts Access Aotearoa (T: 04 802 4349 E:

** Ask Arts Access Aotearoa for contact details


A Different Light Theatre Company

Contact: Tony McAffrey, Artistic Director  T: 03 377 3558  E: 

Air Force Museum of New Zealand

Contact: Michelle Sim, Communications Manager  T: 027 697 8911  E:

Contact: Chris Davey, Education Officer  T: 021 115 5770  E: 

Arts Canterbury

Contact: Wilson Henderson, Chair E:  

Arts Integrated

Contact: Adam Hayward, General Manager  T: 03 366 7709  E:

ASB Theatre Marlborough

Contact: Katharine Overend, General Manager  T: 03 520 8558  E:

Ashburton Art Gallery

Contact: Nicole Bourke, Exhibition & Collection Assistant 

Blind + Low Vision NZ

Contact: Dan Shepherd, Head of Access & Awareness  T: 03 375 4300  E:

Contact: Petronella Spicer, Recreation Volunteer Co-ordinaor  T: 027 808 3761  E:

Canterbury Museum

Contact: Neil Philips, Exhibitions Manager T: 03 366 9429 E: 

Contact: Jerry Champion, Customer Experience & Education Manager T: 03 366 5000 E:

CCS Disability Action - Upper South Island

Contact: Matthew Whiting, Service Co-ordinator  T: 027 271 8172  E:

Centre Stage, Rolleston

Contact: Caelan Thomas, Musical Director  T: 022 018 1551  E:

Christchurch Art Gallery

Contact: Lana Coles, Education and Public Programmes Team Leader T: 03 941 7382 E:  

Christchurch Arts Festival Trust

Contact: T: 03 365 2223  E:

Christchurch City Council

Contact: Rachel Mullins, Inclusive Communities Co-ordinator T: 03 941 8210 E:

Contact: Kiri Jarden, Principal Arts Advisor  T: 03 941 8635 dd  E:

Contact:  Jodie Shaw. Event Partnerships & Development Advisor  T: 03 941 8999  E:

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

Contact: Selena Orwin, Community Engagement Head of Programme Development  T: 03 943 7797

Contact: Thomas Hamill, Community Engagement Advisor  T: 027 505 3948  E:

Contact:  Hannah Wilson, Head of Marketing & Development  T: 021 440 067  E:

Creative New Zealand

Contact:  Sela Faletolu-Fasi,  Arts Practice Director Community & Youth  T:   E:

Department of Corrections

Contact: Principal Advisor Rehabilitation and Learning, Christchurch Women's Prison  E: 

Disabled Persons Assembly

Contact: Ingrid Robertson, Kaituitui  T: 021 965 355  E:

Exchange Christchurch

Contact: Preston Hegel, Operations/Programme Development T: 027 828 3757 E:

Isaac Theatre Royal

Contact: Greg Ward, Chief Executive Officer  T: 03 366 6326  E:

Contact: Catriona Angus, Senior Event Manager  T: 03 66 6326  E:


Contact: Lyn Cotton, Artistic Director T: 03 332 0074 E:

Contact: Jasmine Trafford, Tutor, Assistant & Interning General Manager, E:

Listen! Our voices count - Plains FM 96.9

Contact: Roger Marsden, radio broadcaster E:

My Honeyland Art Inspirational School

Contact: Yulia Potts, Founder E: 

Otautahi Creative Spaces

Contact: Kim Morton, Director  T: 022 064 7963  E:

Scape Public Art

Contact: Deborah McCormick, Director T: 03 365 7990   E:

Selwyn District Council

Contact: Becca Bouffandeau, Arts Co-ordinator  E:

Showbiz Christchurch

Contact:, Marketing Manager T: 03 377 9215 E:

The Arts Centre Te Matatiki Toi Ora

Contact: Chris Archer. Creative Director  T: 03 366 0989   E:

The Arts Foundation

Contact: Lili Bay, Boosted Co-ordinator  T: 027 464  6265  E:

Contact: Chessie Henry, Communications and Engagement Advisor  T: 027 260 2068  E:

Contact: Ella Zarifeh, Producer at Boosted  T: 027 755 3315  E:

The Court Theatre

Contact: Alison Walls, Artistic Director  T: 027 249 3660  E:

Contact: Rachel Sears, Education Manager T: 03 963-0901  E:

The Physics Room

Contact: Abby Cunnane, Director  T: 021 053 2463  E:

Contact: Michelle Wang, Assistant Curator   E: 

Contact: Hamish Petersen, Publications & Writing Co-ordinator E: 

The White Room, SkillWise

Contact: Simon Gray, Arts Coordinator E: 


Annabel Keys

**Contact: audio describer  T: 027 325 2112  E: 

Corina Hazlett

Contact: artist/art tutor  T: 027 4545 688  E:

Josie Noble

**Contact: Arts Access Advocate

Mardi Blyth

**Contact: audio describer  E: 

Michael Krammer

**Contact: dancer and tutor, Jolt Dance  T: 03 942 5329  E:

Peter Ruddenklau

**Contact: Making a Difference Christchurch member

Prudence Walker

Contact: Arts Access Advocate E:

Tara Loy

Contact: E:

Trent Hiles

Contact: artist/creative activist T: 021 1728 373 E:









Stace Robertson: Stace is Access, Inclusion and Participation Advisor, Arts Access Aotearoa (T: 04802 4349 E: Stace works Monday to Thursday.  More about Stace

Milly Hampton: Milly is Advisory Programme Assistant, Arts Access Aotearoa (T: 04802 4349 E: Milly works Monday to Thursday.  More about Milly

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Connect through music: this video was made by Lala Rolls of Island Productions Aotearoa for Arts Access Aotearoa and Chamber Music New Zealand.

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“The good thing about being focused on access and accessibility is that you create a better experience for everybody,” says Philip Patston in this video, made by Lala Rolls of Island Productions Aotearoa for Arts Access Aotearoa. 


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