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March 2019 meeting of the Arts in Corrections Northern Region NetworkNorthern Region Network

Members of the Northern Region Network include Corrections staff and volunteers, Community Corrections staff, prisoners, artists and writers, community art organisations, academics, and people in the wider community interested in arts and social justice.

Chris Ulutupu is the Arts in Corrections Advisor, Arts Access Aotearoa. He works Monday to Wednesday. For information, advice, and opportunities, please contact Chris (T: 04 802 4349 E:

Northern Region Network members


Corrections facilities

Northland Region Corrections Facility

Contact: Volunteer Co-ordinator Porsha Anderson  
T: 09 401 5800 E:


Organisation: Redemption Arts & Education Services 
Contact: Beth Hill, Programme Leader, Arts, Distance Education and Skills for Life  
Arts delivery: Multidisciplinary Arts Programme, Northland Region Corrections Facility
Location: Northland
E: |


Corrections facilities

Auckland Prison

Contact: Volunteer Co-ordinator Lesley Weavers 
T: 09 304 3752 E: 

Auckland Region Women's Corrections Facility

Contact: Volunteer Co-ordinator Ruth Patterson

T: 09 306 8383 E: 


Organisation: Auckland Prison
Simon Chaplin, Assistant Prison Director
09 442 3191 Ext 89191 E: 

Organisation: Auckland Prison
Kellie Paul, Principal Adviser Rehabilitation of Learning
09 442 6969 E: 

Organisation: Pillars Inc
Contact: Corrina Dixon, Mentoring Co-Ordinator
Arts delivery: Creative expression with children aged 5-17 (art and multimedia)
Location: South Auckland
T: 021 610 812 | 09 262 2639 E:
Links: Pillars 

Organisation: Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland 
Contact: Dr Molly Mullen 
Arts delivery: Applied theatre: contact for information on tertiary study or research around theatre and the arts in prisons and probation, or any other area of theatre and social change
Location: Auckland
09 623 8899 E:
Links: Critical Research Unit in Applied TheatreDr Molly Mullen 

Organisation: White_mess Limited
Contact: Alice Canton
Arts delivery: Theatre-making, creative facilitation, improvisation, devised theatre
Location: Auckland
Links: |


Corrections facilities

Spring Hill Corrections Facility

Waikato Community Corrections

Contact: Volunteer Co-ordinator Kelly Tangaroa
T: 07 826 0325 E: 

Waikeria Prison

Contact: Volunteer Co-ordinator Nadine Allen
T: 07 872 6641 E:  


Contact: Ann Byford, artist/tutor/creative industries advisor
Arts delivery: painting, sculpture, upcycled textile art, tape art, photography, landscape structural design
Waikato and other regions
T: 027 273 5672 E: 
Links: Facebook

Organisation: University of Waikato
Contact: Claire Coleman
: Hamilton
Arts delivery: Critical process drama in educational settings; initial teacher education; drama and embodied learning workshops
T: 022 087 311 E:



Chris Ulutupu
CHRIS ULUTUPU: Chris is Arts in Corrections Advisor , Arts Access Aotearoa (T: 04 802 4349 E: Chris works from Monday to Wednesday. More about Chris

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