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What we do

At Arts Access Aotearoa, all of the activities and events are undertaken through five programmes.

These are:

  • Access, Inclusion and Participation
  • Community Engagement
  • Advocacy and Profile
  • Information Centre
  • Prison Arts

Access, Inclusion and Participation

This programme is about supporting arts organisations, companies, producers and venues to be accessible. It includes the Arts For All partnership programme with Creative New Zealand and the Companion Card initiative. 

Community Engagement

This programme is about building the capacity of community-based arts organisations to deliver high-quality arts programmes for people with limited access. The key organisations we work with are creative spaces, community organisations throughout New Zealand providing opportunities for people with limited access to make art. 

Advocacy and Profile

This programme is about raising public awareness and advocating for access to the arts for everyone in New Zealand. We do this by profiling, celebrating and advocating for the individuals, organisations and communities with whom we work.

Every year, we present the Arts Access Awards. These are the key national awards in New Zealand celebrating the achievements of individuals and organisations providing opportunities for people with limited access to participate in the arts, as artists and audience members. 

Information Centre

This programme is about providing a national information service on access to and participation in the arts, and advising on best practice. 

Arts in Corrections

This programme is about working with the Department of Corrections through our Arts in Corrections Advisory Service, and delivering information about arts activities and programmes that support the rehabilitation of prisoners and their reintegration into the community on release.

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