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Arts in Corrections international links

This page has links to organisations, blogs and articles about Arts in Corrections projects and programmes.

The arts as a springboard for positive change

30 April 2018
The National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance in the UK aims is to ensure the arts are used within the criminal justice system as a springboard for positive change. Dora Dixon, its Communications and Membership Officer, blogs that arts organisations have worked quietly behind prison walls for decades but recent government endorsement and high-profile partnerships are helping them gain some recognition. Read more

A challenging but manageable journey

26 February 2018
UK’s Geese Theatre Company facilitates workshops and staff training in prisons, secure mental health settings and in other criminal justice and social welfare contexts. A five-day theatre project with male prisoners at risk of self-harm or suicide focusses on connecting with  others, letting go of negative beliefs, goal-setting and developing new skills. One participant said: “I had eight years in mental health with nothing that helped. Geese gave me techniques to help me help myself.” Read the article 

Why there should be more art in prisons

26 February 2018
“So, if this has worked so well for us, then why aren’t we able to do more of it?” asked a man in a Scottish prison after a successful week-long drama residency culminating in a performance. Jess Thorpe, a lecturer in the Arts in Justice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, writes about the value of the arts as a rehabilitative and healing tool. Read the article

How to: running arts projects in prisons

26 February 2018
Running arts projects in prisons is some of the most rewarding and powerful work Dan Boyden, Director of The Change Collective in the UK, does. “It’s transformative for them and for me, but it’s not easy, and starting out in the sector can be daunting.” Dan offers some tips for artists and arts practitioners on how to start out. Read more 

Arts in probation and reintegration in the UK

19 April 2017
Dr Selina Busby, Principal Lecturer in Community Performance and Applied Theatre at the University of London, works in prison settings and with young people in the UK and internationally. On 4 April, she spoke at a meeting of the Arts in Corrections Northern Region Network, organised by the Critical Research Unit in Applied Theatre at the University of Auckland and by Arts Access Aotearoa. Here, she discussed examples of how innovative through-the-gates theatre and multi-arts projects can contribute to reintegration.Read more about Dr Selina Busby




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