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Throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, there are community-based creative spaces where people who experience barriers to participation can make art, or participate in artistic activities such as theatre, dance, circus, music, film and creative writing. #CreativeSpacesWeek 2020 celebrates and recognise the value of these inclusive spaces to the health and wellbeing of Aotearoa New Zealand's rich, diverse community.

Creative Spaces Week 17–23 February 2020

Arts Access Aotearoa is raising the visibility and celebrating the value of creative spaces during Creative Spaces Week 2020, starting on World Community Arts Day 17 February. Please join Arts Access Aotearoa in celebrating creative spaces by actively promoting your creative space during the week of Monday 17 February to Sunday 23 February.

There’s no need to do more in the studio than you are already delivering: simply focus on letting people know about it as often as you can during this week.

How to promote Creative Spaces Aotearoa Week 2020 and your creative space

  1. Use the banner image above throughout the week as the cover image of your Facebook page and other social media channels, and on your website. You can save it from this page by right-clicking on the above image.
  2. Post photos and videos of your activities, artworks or upcoming events online (website, social media). Please include:
    • a quote expressing the value of your creative space: for example, [Name of space] is valuable because …
    • the hashtag #CreativeSpacesWeek
  1. Download and save the email signature image #CreativeSpacesWeek below by right-clicking on the image. Add to your email signature.

    #CreativeSpacesWeek email signature
  2. Download the Word template document or the PDF template document. You can print these off and illustrate/draw on them. Or you can add an image and text to the Word document. These can then become posters for your walls and for the community. You can photograph the posters, post them on social media with the hashtag #CreativeSpacesWeek and add to your website with a link to the Creative Spaces Week 2020 webpage on Arts Access Aotearoa’s website.
  3. Post links to previous website stories during this week, using the statement [Name of space] is valuable because … and #CreativeSpacesWeek.
  4. Comment on, like and share posts created by other creative spaces and Arts Access Aotearoa. Let's kick up a social media storm!
  5. Contact your local media, or any other promotion method that works for you!

What Arts Access Aotearoa will do

Arts Access Aotearoa will promote your posts and feature creative space stories, events, photos and video during the week on the Arts Access Aotearoa website, our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and on sites such as Scoop and The Big Idea.

Aims of the week

  • to raise the visibility of the sector as a network of creative spaces across the country
  • to increase public awareness about the value of creative spaces to people’s mental health and wellbeing in Aotearoa’s diverse communities
  • to call on central and local government, health and welfare agencies, along with the private sector, to provide funding that’s adequate, consistent and accessible for creative spaces
  • to promote the importance of inclusion and diversity in building healthy, resilient communities
  • to strengthen the national network of creative spaces
  • to encourage and upskill creative spaces in using images, video and text as an advocacy tool.

We hope this event will grow in coming years and will increase public and funder awareness of the community-enriching work the network of creative spaces delivers, and to strengthen the collective voice of creative spaces. 

Key messages

The following key messages could help you form your own quote, starting with the phrase [Name of space] is valuable because …

Creative spaces are valuable because …

  • artmaking is fun!
  • the arts are an empowering tool to promote health and wellbeing of people in Aotearoa’s diverse communities.
  • they are accessible and inclusive, providing artistic opportunities to make and engage in the arts for people who often face barriers to participation.
  • they build resilient, connected communities.

Other key messages

Research shows creative spaces need sustainable investment to achieve their potential and meet the demand for their services. Refer to Understanding the value of creative spaces, a report (published in July 2019) on the findings of a survey commissioned by Minister Carmel Sepuloni and conducted by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

For more information and support

Please contact Jenny Hutchings, Creative Spaces Advisor (E: jenny.hutchings@artsaccess.org.nz T: 04 802 4349) with your feedback and ideas. Also contact Jenny if you would like to be emailed the images files, Word and PDF templates. We are here to support you in promoting the value of your creative space.



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