More space for Exult

7 April 2015
Exult, a Tauranga-based training provider for the community sector, is moving from its one-room office into an old house with a number of office spaces.

Kerri Tilby-Price, Chief Executive of Exult, says the organisation needs a space where groups can call in, get information, share their knowledge, and hold meetings. 

The new premises include offices, a workshop room, an interview/meeting room and a catch-up space.

Kerri Tilby-Price, Chief Executive, Exult“This is a huge plus for organisations in our region as we can host networking meetings for different parts of the sector,” Kerri explains. “We can also be much more flexible with the workshops we offer locally.”

Kerri is one of New Zealand's most sought-after speakers in the non-profit sector. She started Exult in 2007 after taking time off managing a community arts organisation and writing a book called The Seriously Good Guide to Fundraising. People kept asking her to take workshops and so Exult was born.

"Exult's main aim is to see every non-profit organisation in New Zealand working at its full potential,” she says. “This also means having each person working at their full potential.”

Importance of self-care

In a case study aimed at helping creative spaces and other community organisations reach their potential, Kerri stressed the importance of self-care.

“Looking after yourself and your team is a priority. If people work too hard, their bodies can shut down,” she says.

"We aim to equip people in the sector with all the tools they need but even more importantly, it's about giving people the confidence to use them. Our workshops and resources provide practical, how-to advice on running a successful non-profit, without all the fluff and jargon.”

Participants in an Exult workshopExult’s most popular workshop is its Sustainable Funding Workshop, held almost every week somewhere in New Zealand. It gives practical information relevant to organisations at every stage of their development journey.

The theme for Exult's seventh annual Tonic Conference is “We're all in this together”. It will be held in Silverstream, Upper Hutt on 19 and 20 November.

"We'll be looking at concepts of collaboration across organisations, across generations, across cultures, across teams and across sectors,” Kerri says. “We have amazing speakers and facilitators who not only know their stuff but also know how to deliver it in an engaging way.”

Recent Exult workshops in Wellington and Whanganui were booked out several weeks in advance. “People love the opportunity to get real about their fundraising, and make a practical down-to-earth plan that works."

Here is some feedback from the workshops.

Melissa Kay, Waitara Alive, Taranaki wrote: "The practical tips were so relevant. Best training I have been to fullstop."

Maureen Grapes, Hastings Citizens Advice Bureau, wrote: "This workshop gave me exposure to a whole new area and really created a paradigm shift. Thanks!"

Registrations for the Tonic Conference open 1 May. Visit the Exult website for more info or email to register your interest.



More space for Exult


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