Case study: Spark Centre and doing things differently

9 July 2013

How does an organisation implement change without jeopardising its core values or compromising on the quality of its services? Suzanne Vesty, Director at Spark Centre of Creative Development in Auckland, talks about how Spark Centre adapted to change while still continuing to offer visual arts and art therapy for people living with disabilities, impairment or other diverse needs.

“In an effort to strengthen the resources and positioning of our work, we sought alliances and partnerships with other organisations where there was a natural alignment in client groups and organisation purpose,” she says. “We also built these alliances because increasingly, funding bodies look favourably on collaborations.”

Suzanne also talks about how has Spark Centre benefitted from effective change management, and how it has become a more dynamic, innovative and interesting organisation with more to offer. “We took the risk of expanding and diversifying within a challenging funding environment. We developed whole new areas of work that gave a much broader market base for our service.

“At the same time, we didn’t compromise the quality or objectives of our work … Since the global financial turndown we have to work even harder than ever before but thanks to our very competent and experienced management team, we are doing well.”


Case study: Spark Centre and doing things differently [PDF]

Case study: Spark Centre and doing things differently [Word]


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