Case study: City Gallery Wellington

20 May 2010

Providing meaningful ways for various communities to access and engage with art at City Gallery Wellington is a key part of Kirsty Glengarry's role as Manager of Education and Public Programmes.

This access is provided through targeted tours and programmes: e.g. those designed with and for the Deaf and visually impaired communities.

"I was inspired when working with Marie Baltusova, who majored in teaching art to the visually impaired and developed programmes for this community in galleries in Finland and the Czech Republic. Marie devised workshops at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki featuring a tour, art making and tactile diagrams. These programmes are planned to continue when the Main Gallery re-opens.

"This experience inspired me to pilot Deaf tours led by Deaf people at City Gallery. I had worked with interpreters in the past and noticed how tiring it was for them to translate my tours. It occurred to me to train Deaf guides to lead their own tours and I was able to trial this idea during the Kusama exhibition. With the assistance of Wellington City Council advisors, I found two wonderful Deaf tour guides who were informative and entertaining, and helped their groups to learn more about the exhibition in an enjoyable way." 


Case Study_City Gallery Wellington

(WORD) Case Study_City Gallery Wellington



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