Case study: Kylee Maloney, a consultant on accessible documentation

25 June 2012

"My vision statement on my website is that one day I hope to be redundant - that accessible documents and websites will be the norm and I won't be needed," says Kylee Maloney, a specialist in accessible documentation.

"I suppose you could call me an access activist. Actually, I feel strongly about human rights issues in general, and access both to the built environment and the information is now enshrined in international law."

Kylee runs Silver Cords, an accessible documentation consultancy, which guides organisations on how to create documents that are accessible for all. And she says she won't hit you over the head in the process.

Accessible documentation requires an equally efficient user experience for both disabled and non-disabled , and Kylee emphasises that it should be treated as universal design practice rather than disability requirements.

Kylee proposes five simple improvements that organisations can make to their content to make their documentation accessible. She offers other thoughts and advice in the case study below.


Case Study_Accessible Documentation

(WORD) Case Study_Accessible Documentation



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