Case study: Suzanne Cowan

20 May 2010

"A career as a dancer and choreographer might seem an unusual occupation for someone who uses a wheelchair but this has been my focus for the past ten years," writes Suzanne Cowan.

"My passion for dance began at the tender age of five when I started ballet lessons.  When I was 22 years old I was involved in a road accident in Canada and lost the use of my legs. Dance didn’t seem an option anymore and because I have always loved being active, I soon got involved in sailing and wheelchair tennis.

"In 1998, I experienced Touch Compass Dance Company performing in Auckland and my life took a whole new direction.  After performing with Touch Compass in 1999, in October I was offered a position as a full-time dancer with CandoCo Dance Company based in London. I spent the next three-and-a-half years touring internationally with them as a dancer and assistant teacher.

"Since my return to New Zealand in 2004, I have been developing my own choreography and performing, with the support of Touch Compass. I also completed a Masters in Creative and Performing Arts at Auckland University." 


Case Study_Suzanne Cowan

(WORD) Case Study_Suzanne Cowan


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