Case study: Taki Rua's accessibility policy

26 March 2012

Attending the Arts For All Wellington Network forums and discussion groups motivated Esther Green, Operational Manager at Taki Tua Productions, to develop an accessibility policy for the national Mäori theatre company.

In this case study, Esther says: “Accessibility isn’t written into most people’s job description, including mine, and so I thought about how I could do it strategically and efficiently, building on what Taki Rua already offers. It’s about commitment really. You need to ask yourself how important you think it is and whether you care enough to go through with it. In my case, the answer was ‘yes’.”

She set about getting staff and board buy-in to start the process of developing a policy for the organisation and had a good read of Arts Access Aotearoa's resources, including the Arts For All publication and the online resources. Then she wrote her first draft.

In a case study about the project, Esther talks to Arts Access Aotearoa about the challenges involved in developing and implementing the accessibility policy. She also offers four top tips for organisations wishing to develop and implement an accessibility policy. The first tip: "Just do it. Give it a go!"



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