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“Get really clear about why your organisation exists. Stop focusing so much on what you do, and start describing why you do it. Try answering this question: If your organisation was doing everything 100% right, what would your community look like as a result?” asks Kerri Tilby-Price, Chief Executive of Exult, a training provider for the community sector. Read more

Putting inclusion into practice at Vincents Art Workshop

“Think about it as a human rights issue,” says Glen McDonald, Coordinator of Vincents Art Workshop in Wellington. “Why would you want to isolate different groups of people? What are the benefits when you include everyone?" Read more

Spark Centre and doing things differently

How does an organisation implement change without jeopardising its core values or compromising on the quality of its services? Suzanne Vesty, Director at Spark Centre of Creative Development in Auckland, talks about how Spark Centre adapted to change while still continuing to offer visual arts and art therapy for people living with disabilities, impairment or other diverse needs. Read more

Sandz Studio and nurturing artists

When artists begin at Sandz Studio in Hamilton, the tutors leave them to do what they want for the first month or so. Lorraine Pemberton, Team Leader at Sandz Studio and Gallery in Hamilton and also a practising artist, says this enables the tutors to assess what they’re doing and see what their skills are, what they excel in and what areas they need guidance in. Read more

King Street Artworks and its art tutors

All of the tutors at King Street Artworks in Masterton are artists. Art classes, the use of the art workshop and most art materials are free. As Studio Manager, Linda Tilyard is responsible for all daily operations of the workshop and is involved in employing art tutors at King Street Artworks. Read more 

Artists Alliance and the art market

Don’t over-price the work because that inhibits sales. On the other hand, don’t sell it too cheaply. If the work is being sold through a creative space, then the key question to ask is: Who is your buyer and what have they paid before? Read more 


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