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Ngā Toi Rangatira o Aotearoa Arts Access Fellowships 2022

This is an application form for four different fellowships.

Before filling in this form read the information about the fellowship you want to apply for as it will tell you what is required in your application. Abbreviations for each fellowship are added to help identify information needed only for individual fellowships.

Which fellowship are you applying for?

 Please tick:

  • Deaf and Disabled Artist Fellowship (DDAF)
  • Arts For All Fellowship (AFAF)
  • Creative Spaces Fellowship (CSF)
  • Arts In Corrections Artist Fellowship (AICAF)

Eligibility requirements

 The applicant must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • A New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • DDAF: An artist with a physical, sensory or intellectual disability, or who is Deaf, or has lived experience of mental distress
  • AFAF: Employed by an Arts For All member organisation or partnering with an Arts For All member organisation
  • CSF: Employed by a creative space that’s part of the Arts Access Aotearoa Creative Spaces Network
  • AICAF: An artist living in the community who is/has been in the criminal justice system.


1. Contact details



Email address:

Postal address:

Contact phone number:

Preferred method of communication:

2. Other project contact details

Include name, email and phone number.

DDAF: Mentor (optional):

AFAF: Arts For All member organisation (required):

CSF: Creative space:

AICAF: Mentor (required if you have chosen one):

3. Project proposal details

Please provide no more than a total of 1000 words or a video/audio of 15 minutes.

We encourage bullet points, where feasible.
Below are some prompts to help guide you as you prepare your answers.

1. Tell us about your project idea.

2. Why do you want to do this project?

3. AFAF and CSF: Describe the barriers/gaps to accessibility that this project will help address.

4. How will this project be achieved? Describe the process.

5. Provide a timeline of the project.

6. Provide a detailed budget for the project.

7. How will you document and/or evaluate your project?

8. Briefly tell us about yourself and your experience relevant to realising this project.

9. AFAF and AICAF: Who else is involved? What is their role and relevant experience for the project? (Mentor/Collaborator).

10. AFAF and CSF: Tell us about your role in your organisation.

4. Support material checklist

  •  CV of 1-2 pages
  • Examples of your previous work
  • A budget showing how you will use the $10,000
  • A timeline
  • Up to two letters of support
  • A letter of commitment, where applicable.

Signature declaration

Please sign below and confirm that the content in your application is accurate by uploading a digital file of your signature.



Download the application form

Fellowships 2022: application form (Word 96.97 KB)

Download a budget template

Fellowship budget template 

Fellowship budget template 






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