How Diversity Works

3 November, 2010 Diversityworks Trust has launched a second call for expressions of interest from artists for an exhibition next year in association with Artstation in Auckland, centred around the theme How Diversity Works.

Trust founder and director Philip Patston is particularly interested in expressions from artistic communities who may be interested in the exhibition’s aim, which is to develop a more in-depth dialogue about diversity.

“We want to move beyond the usual characteristics of culture, race, ethnicity, disability, sexuality – to explore the idea that diversity exists in all people, in all places, at all times, and that the challenge to humanity is to recognise it and respond appropriately.”

He said the intention is for the exhibition space to reflect the diversity theme, so artists are invited to use diverse mediums, including painting, drawing, photography, moving image, multimedia, sculpture, installation, written/spoken word or performance.

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