Inside my pencil case: NYX

Inside my pencil case: NYX

NYX is a prolific Pablos Art Studios artist with an incredible collection of art tools, so much so that when asked to discuss only five pieces of equipment from her stationary, she almost couldn’t decide. So here is a mere sample of the many tools that keeps this artist in check.

Interview by Sara Riordan

Stablo Swano 4350 nib pen

I like nib pens because you can get different graduations within the same line depending on the amount of pressure you use. You can also have as many different coloured pens as you have inks; you just dip the nib in a different coloured ink and then you have a different pen colour. Save’s you from needing to buy a new pen each time.

Zebra Delguard .05 pencil

The Zebra Delgaurd pencil is one that Soren (Lane) imported for me from Japan. The coloured leads I use to draw with snapped really easily, but the Delgaurd has a snap-guard so it stops the lead from breaking all the time.

Copic Multiliner, Black, 0.3

The Copic Multiliners don’t smudge with my other pens when I do marker work. They also have a nice line that l like to use for outlining anything. Sometimes it’s quicker to outline with a Copic than a nib pen. So yeah it’s good to have one of those sitting around.

Cretacolor Monolith 6B

My friend introduced me to them when I was a teenager.  I like how smooth they are and how no wood touches my fingers. They have a good weight and you can shade with the entire pencil. I don’t use them heaps, but when I do use them I love them.

My indenting tool for sheets of metal

My indenting tool is pretty much the best way to draw on metal that I’ve found. It’s double ended; so it has a fine end and a thicker end. I use the fine end for drawing outlines and the thicker end for making the relief. You can also add a grip on it to make it easier for your hands to hold.


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