Mosaic and Myth

2 November 2010 Toi Ora Live Art Trust's creative writing class of 2009-2010 has published a book of poetry and prose.

Mosaic and Myth is a limited edition print run and comes with an audio CD of the poets reading their work from the book.

Toi Ora’s last book of student writings, Ponderings, was published in 2006 and sold out.

Toi Ora Live Arts Trust is a community arts centre and gallery in central Auckland for people with experience of mental ill health. Tutoring is provided in creative writing, fine arts, mosaic, multimedia and music. Workshops and recording facilities are also available.

Toi Ora was awarded a RETHINK grant to produce the book, which promotes positive perceptions of people who have experienced mental unwellness. Mosaic and Myth is a small representation of the students’ work.

“We are not just people who have experienced mental unwellness, we are poets and friends and family members and lovers and writers and artists and teachers; we live and feel and think and notice. We are mosaics responding to life and its mythologies,” says Miriam Barr, tutor.

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