Starting up a creative space

The vital start-up phase involves taking the first steps toward starting a creative space of your own. Assessing needs, researching possibilities and gathering support should be priorities.

Assessing needs

What services will your organisation provide and to whom? The reason for your group may be clear to you but you need to be able to assess and clearly articulate a need within the community, especially when you’re applying for funding. Outcomes from this stage could include a statement of purpose or mission statement, along with a community survey or consultation.

Researching possibilities

Are there any other similar spaces, groups or organisations in your area? Will your work be complementing or competing? How will this affect your activities, requests for funding etc? This step will involve looking to other organisations for advice, and meeting with others in the community who may be operating in a similar area. Consider mentoring. Outcomes from this stage could include networking, and a list of important contacts.

Gathering support

How many people need to be involved, and what skills do you need? How can you recruit staff and volunteers? Gathering support will be essential to avoid early burn-out. Get an outside perspective. Use your own networking, along with the support of organisations such as Arts Access Aotearoa.

Outcomes from this stage could include a written action plan, outlining what needs to be done, by whom, and by what deadlines. Expect this document to rapidly evolve.


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