Studio 2 artists celebrate diversity

2 September 2010 The venue for an art show in Dunedin, being held as part of the city's Celebrate Diversity Week from 13 to 19 September, has special significance for many of the artists involved.

The exhibition by artists from Studio 2 is being held in the Meridian Mall shopping centre. Studio 2 is a creative space in central Dunedin where disabled people are supported to create artworks.

“The mall is a really public space, probably the busiest shopping centre in Dunedin and easily accessible, so many of our guys can, and do, frequent the Meridian,” says Studio 2 manager Bridget Inder. “For them to see their work there, and to have heaps of other people seeing their work, will be something to be proud about."

Many of the artists involved in this Celebrate Diversity Week event will be exhibiting for the first time. Bridget says there will be no overall theme for the exhibition.

“We feel strongly at Studio 2 that each artist has as much autonomy as possible in regards to their arts practice and we don’t enforce ideas, mediums or subjects on our artists. Our aim is more to provide support and encourage artists to experiment and develop their own preferences and styles. Consequently the works displayed will show a wide range of styles, colours and subject matter.”

Bridget says the exhibition is a good opportunity to show people what goes on at Studio 2.

“In recent past exhibitions we've tended to focus on process but this time we are going to focus on the final product – showcasing as many successful pieces as we can from the artists.

“We want as many of our artists as possible to be represented, to see that the works they create are good enough to exhibit. At Studio 2, we focus on ability rather than disability, and are more concerned about people engaging with their own creative process and enjoying it.”

Celebrate Diversity Week 2010Bridget has recently completed  her masters degree in fine arts at Otago Polytechnic, and is hoping to use some of the research skills she gained to increase the scope of the studio.


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