Whakahoa Kaitoi i Te Ara Poutama Arts in Corrections Artist Fellowship

This fellowship supports an artist who is/has been in the criminal justice system and is living in the community to develop their art practice with the support of an arts mentor.

""The focus of this support is to create and document new work or build on previous work. It is not about the public display or performance of the work. It is open to artists exploring artforms that include but are not limited to dance, film, creative writing, music, theatre, ngā toi Māori, Pacific arts, visual arts, ceramics and sculpture.

Arts Access Aotearoa’s aims for this Fellowship are:

  • to offer an opportunity specifically for an artist in the community who has lived experience in the criminal justice system
  • to support and resource an artist to develop their arts practice through a specific project
  • to support the growth of an artist, their career, creativity and professional development through the opportunity of this fellowship
  • to discover and connect with artists and share their arts practice.

Arts Access Aotearoa acknowledges the many barriers that exist to applying. We encourage you to treat the application process as an opportunity for professional development. Assessment will be non-judgemental, and feedback will be provided on all applications. If you need support in applying, we will seek to assist you in finding this support.

The recipient of the fellowship receives $10,000. It is sponsored by Ara Poutama Aotearoa Department of Correction. We anticipate your project will be equivalent to about 200 hours of work, to be completed within a six-month period.

Eligibility criteria: Is it for me?

You need to be:

  • a practising artist who is/has been in the criminal justice system and is living in the community. You can be self-taught or formally trained.
  • at least 18 years of age
  • a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

The fellowship money CANNOT be used for:

  • any academic course of study
  • any competition or fundraising
  • previous expenses.

It CAN be used for:

  • salaries and fees
  • materials
  • travel required for the project
  • access-related costs for the project.

The decision-making process

All complete applications that are eligible will be passed on for assessment. Proposals will be reviewed in terms of the assessment criteria. The panel of arts professionals evaluating the proposals will include members of the Arts in Corrections Network, facilitated by Arts Access Aotearoa. An Arts Access Aotearoa staff member will support the panel but will not be involved in the assessment and decision-making.

Assessment criteria

The decision-making panel will consider the following factors to evaluate each proposal:

  • A carefully considered project idea
  • Achievability of the project
  • Evidence of previous artwork and/or arts practice
  • A clear documentation process for the project
  • A completed application.

How to apply

Step 1: Check your dates

  • The deadline for applications has been extended until 5pm Monday 20 November 2023.
  • All applicants will be notified about the outcome of their application by 5pm Monday 4 December 2023.

Note: The project needs to start within two months of acceptance of the fellowship and must be completed within a 6-month period. We anticipate the Fellowship beginning in January/February and to be completed by June/July.

Step 2: Consider the requirements of the application

Read the FAQs before you start.

Here are some prompts to help you prepare your answers:

1.     Who are you? Tell us about yourself and your art practice.

2.     What do you want to do? Describe the work you hope to make. Identify the artform you are working in, and whether this is new work or building on previous work.

3.     Why do you want to do this? What skills would you learn? What concepts might you develop?

4.     How will the project happen?

5.     What is your timeline? How will you complete each step of the process?

6.     What is a realistic breakdown of costs (see budget template at the end of this webpage)? Budget items may include things like artist fees, mentor fee, art materials, studio hire, transport.

7.     How will you document your project to share it with Arts Access Aotearoa?

8.     What skills do you hope to develop working with a mentor?.

Step 3: Confirm mentor

Mentoring is a key part of this fellowship. You are welcome to nominate your own mentor or get help from Arts Access Aotearoa staff to have one allocated to you. If you are nominating your own mentor, please ensure they have skills relevant to your project and are available to support you. Mentors must be paid and this needs to be included in your budget.

Step 4: Complete your application form

We welcome applications in alternative formats: for example, NZSL or audio/visual files.

Our application form is also a Word document, which you can fill in online and email to us.

Step 5: Gather support material

Please do not send physical copies of support material or artwork.

Support material can be emailed (no more than 5 MB per email).

Larger files (up to 100 MB) can be sent via WeTransfer or Dropbox.

As part of your application, you will need to include:

  1. A budget showing how the $10,000 will be spent (You can download a budget template at the end of this webpage).
  2. A timeline
  3. CV of 1-2 pages describing your skills and experience. Please mention Corrections arts programmes you have participated in
  4. Examples of your artwork/performance/writing. No more than 3 examples.
  5. Letter of support for you and your project (e.g. from art tutor)
  6. Letter of commitment from your mentor, if already chosen.

Make sure the letters of support are recent, specific to the application and include the writer’s contact details.

Step 6: Send application and support material

Please email your application to fellowships@artsaccess.org.nz and send your video or audio files via WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Please contact Caleb Gordon, Projects Coordinator Kairuruku a Toi, Arts Access Aotearoa if you have any questions. You can call Caleb on 04 802 4191 or email him at fellowships@artsaccess.org.nz

Download the application form

Application form: Arts in Corrections Fellowship 2023  (Word 96.97 KB)

Download a budget template

Fellowship budget template 

Download mentoring guidelines

A guide to mentoring (Word 111 KB)




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