Case study: Exult, helping creative spaces reach their potential

April 2015
“Get really clear about why your organisation exists. Stop focussing so much on what you do, and start describing why you do it. Try answering this question: If your organisation was doing everything 100% right, what would your community look like as a result?”

This is just one of the many pieces of advice from Kerri Tilby-Price, Chief Executive of Exult, a training provider for the community sector. In this case study, aimed at helping creative spaces reach their potential, Kerri lists three reasons why creative spaces would benefit from connecting with Exult.

She also talks about the various workshops that Exult offers and shares her insights into the challenges of fundraising.

“My biggest piece of advice is to focus on building relationships both inside and outside of your organisation. Every person you meet is a potential donor, sponsor or supporter, so take time to meet new people and tell your story as often as you can. The more relationships you have, the easier it is to raise money.”

Finally, she talks about the importance of having a good board.

"For me a good board starts with commitment. It’s not just about showing up for meetings. It’s about being totally committed to the cause. For a board to work well, every trustee needs to buy into the heartbeat of the organisation and genuinely care about its future success. They need to bring their best self to the table every time.”

If anyone wants a free copy of Exult's quarterly Tonic magazineto see what it’s about, email and mention Arts Access Aotearoa, and you'll be sent a copy.

Case study: Exult, helping creative spaces reach their potential

Case study: Exult, helping creative spaces reach their potential



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