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Practical tools for creative spaces

This page provides information for people working in creative spaces or wanting to set up a creative space in their community, or ways to promote your creative space and its artists. We welcome your feedback on the content and what you would like to see included. Please contact Jenny Hutchings, Creative Spaces Advisor, Arts Access Aotearoa (T: 04 802 4349 E:  

Making the most of your video

Now that you've created your video, how can you maximise its potential to connect with your audiences? Social media provides a space for you to share your content/work, and connect and enagage with your audiences, supporters, sponsors and clients. Much of the information in this document also applies to your stories, media releases, images, items and events. There are many social media platforms to choose from. It's up to you and your organisation's needs to engage with as many or as few as you can manage and will find useful.


WORD icon  Making the most of your video

PDF icon Making the most of your video

Creative spaces learning exchange: workshop resources

This learning exchange is about sharing your workshop ideas and plans (e.g. mask making, a poetry workshop or Matariki lanterns) with other creative spaces. You can download the workshop template form, complete and return to Arts Access Aotearoa to post on this page. For more

Creative New Zealand Community Arts Tool Kit

Community arts are created by, with and for a community. Creative New Zealand Community Arts Tool Kit: Keteparaha Mō Ngā Toi Hapori includes videos of New Zealanders sharing their experiences and what they've learned. There are also tip sheets, tools, and examples of successful projects and events to get you inspired. Visit Creative New Zealand's website 

Demonstrating the value of your work

Creative & INCredible Aotearoa aims to support artists and arts organisations to demonstrate the value of their work. Described as a basic 101 level resource, it helps you explore such things as gathering data and evidence; ways to tell stories about your work; and how to access support and links to further resources. It was created by Amber Walls and Rachael Trotman.

PDF icon Creative & INCredible Aotearoa

Exult's sustainable funding workshop on DVD

Exult's popular one-day sustainable funding workshop is available on DVD so you can watch it in your own place when it best suits you and your team. It’s full of practical ideas for raising more funds more often and developing action steps for increasing your fundraising revenue. There’s no fluff, no jargon – just real ideas that will work for you. It costs $95 + $6.50 p & p, incl. GST. You can order via email or order online.

Show me the money

How do you strengthen relationships with donors, sponsors and supporters? How can you access resources that would typically cost, without spending money? What are some innovative ways of accessing financial support? Delegates at the Creative Spaces 2020 conference in April 2020 wrote down their ideas and Arts Access Aotearoa compiled them into a booklet, Show me your money: fundraising tips from Creative Spaces 2020 delegates.


WORD icon Show me the money: fundraising tips from Creative Spaces 2020 delegates 

PDF iconShow me the money: fundraising tips from Creative Spaces 2020 delegates 

Making the most of Facebook

Imagine an audience of 2.4 million people. That’s how many New Zealanders are on Facebook How do you grab their attention? Or better yet, how do you get started on Facebook? Making the most of Facebook: a guide for community arts organisations, prepared by Arts Access Aotearoa, is a practical tool for non-profit organisations starting to use Facebook – or already on Facebook but wanting to build an audience.

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PDF icon Making the most of Facebook 

Managing volunteers

Best practice guides and 10 resources to support managers of volunteers 



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