Soren Lane at Pablos Art Studios

Top Fives: Soren Lane

Soren Lane is a talented and down-to-earth artist with a soft spot for drawing axolotl cartoons. Ask him any art-related question imaginable and he will give you a sure answer. So here to kick off our series of Artist Snapshot interviews, here is Soren's Top Fives.
Interview by Sara Riordan

 Top five things about having a studio at Pablos Art Studios

  1. Not working alone
  2. Being inspired by other artists work
  3. Being able to encourage other artists
  4. Sharing and bringing material for other people to use
  5. Having a dedicated place to make art, rather than being in my bedroom thinking ‘I could do something’

Top five favourite New Zealand artists

  1. Len Lye: he’s a great inspiration. Also, here at Pablo’s I’m really impressed with art done by:
  2. Luke Sullivan
  3. Michael Cox
  4. Johanna Grant Mackie
  5. Chris Barrand

Top five favourite international artists

  1. David Revoy: highly influential in open source digital painting, and he provides many helpful resources
  2. GGDG: cartoonist with a great grasp of light
  3. Andrew Loomis: legendary illustration instructor
  4. James Gurney: brilliant explanations of light and scene construction
  5. Junji Ito: the king of horror comics

Top five things to say when someone’s talking to you but isn’t really listening

  1. Is that so?
  2. Really?
  3. Ummm …
  4. That’s interesting
  5. Smiling whilst nodding

Top five things to draw with

  1. Kuretake Fountain Brush Pen no. 40
  2. Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils
  3. Derwent Coloursoft pencils
  4. Any good quality brush with ink
  5. Tablet Wacom Graphire 3  

Top five art words

  1. Juxtaposition
  2. Iconography
  3. Sublime
  4. Assemblage
  5. Pigment


Pablos Art Studios provides people who have experience of mental ill health with free materials, tuition and support to make art. For more information visit its website. 


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