C.S. Art exhibition part of Southland Arts Festival 


C.S. Art exhibition part of Southland Arts Festival 

26 April 2018
By Keith Reeves
An exhibition celebrating the talents of 33 artists who work from C.S. Art in Invercargill will open in the Raw Gallery of Southland Institute of Technology on Friday 27 April.

Work by C.S. Art artistsThe annual exhibition is one of the events in the Southland Arts Festival programme, which runs from 25 April to 20 May.

Michelle Dawson, art tutor at C. S. Art, says holding the exhibition at the Raw Gallery has built valuable links between the two organisations.

“Collaborating with S.I.T. has been an exciting development for our programme, especially in light of the recent closures of City Gallery and the Southland Museum,” Michelle says. “Kathryn McCully of S.I.T. has been fantastic, organising the catalogues and invitations, and helping install the show.”

Kathryn, who is the Programme Manager for Visual Art, Film and Animation at S.I.T., has also worked with C. S. Art to help it develop an effective online presence.

Pimp My Jacket Competition

In addition, a third-year S.I.T. student is doing a 20-week internship with C.S. Art. The intern and some of the artists are working on pieces for the Pimp My Jacket Competition.

“Each of the artists has a unique and individual creative voice, displayed in their best work over the year,” Michelle says. “In the past, many of the pieces have sold on the exhibition’s opening night.”

One of the artists exhibiting this year is Mike Hamill. He’s been developing his work at C. S. Art for a number of years. He sees himself as an advocate for people living with disabilities and Michelle says he is a testament to what can be achieved regardless of physical limitations.

For Mike, C.S. Art is a safe place. “I don't have to put up my shield. I come and learn and develop my art abilities. It's a place where I can come and learn at my own pace. I can be my true self. I can come in that door and go ‘Whew, I'm home!’”

While the annual exhibition celebrates what has been achieved over the year, C.S. Art is already looking forward.

“We’re hoping to get funding for local artist and found object sculptor Wayne Hill to work alongside our students to produce work for display at Riverton Arts Centre.”

C.S. Art’s annual exhibition opens at Raw Gallery in the Southland Institute of Technology at 6pm on Friday 27 April and closes on Friday 18 May.





C.S. Art exhibition part of Southland Arts Festival 


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