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Collage of images of artwork by Peter Chou
DRAWING THE WORD: White Room Creative Space artist Peter Chou is inspired by all the different buildings he sees on his travels around the world.  He recreates these scenes, using primarily ink and paper without the aid of a ruler or a steady hand. Read more about Peter 

Latest news updates

Arohata Prison concert “humanising and healing”

15 November 2019
Ballet performanceWhen Marama* got up on stage to sing in Arohata Prison’s annual Christmas concert, the audience wasn’t prepared for what happened next. As she sang the Whitney Houston song I will always love you, dedicated to her children, people began to cry. By the time Marama sang her last note, tears were streaming down the faces of audience members. Read more about the 2019 concert

Community spaces showcase White Room artists

7 November 2019
The White RoomCommunity art galleries, cafes and libraries in Christchurch are offering people a “unique and fresh view of the world” through art exhibitions featuring work by artists from The White Room Creative Space. Over the years, it’s established a number of partnerships with the local Christchurch community. Read more about The White Room

Opportunity Arts exhibits in Parliament

6 November 2019
Exhibition openingOpportunity Arts, a Wellington creative space, is showcasing the artwork of self-taught artists in an exhibition at Parliament’s Bowen House Gallery until 5 December. Hosted by Hon Carmel Sepuloni, Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, the exhibition is called Opportunity Arts Visits Parliament. Read more about the exhibition

Building connections in Arts in Corrections sector

30 October 2019
Symposium panelWhat’s the role of the performing arts in the criminal justice system in New Zealand and internationally? How can the arts and culture challenge the legacies of colonialism in countries such as New Zealand, Canada and Australia? And how can we strengthen evidence about the value of the arts in prisons? These were some of the questions discussed by the 75 delegates and speakers who attended the recent Performing Arts and Justice Symposium. Read more

Serving a community sentence in creative spaces 

30 October 2019
Community Art Works“Community Art Works has helped me think outside the box, serve others and make a positive contribution to the Nelson community,” says Mark*, a young man completing his Community Corrections sentence. “Rather than complaining and feeling sorry for myself, Community Art Works has helped me gain perspective and be accountable.” Community Corrections has approximately 100 sites throughout New Zealand working with local people serving sentences and orders in the community. Read more 

Cantabrainers a constant voice

23 October 2019
Cantabrainers“Two of our men have gorgeous, chocolatey, rich baritone voices. We have people from all walks of life: policemen, milkmen, auctioneers, business owners. Many have never sung before and in no time they are loving it,” says Angela Reimer, a speech language therapist working with members of the Cantabrainers Therapeutic Choir in Christchurch. Read more about the Cantabrainers


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