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Top Fives: NYX

Pink hair? Check. Teenage mutant ninja turtles shirt? Check. Skills with a spray-can? Double check.  NYX is a self-prescribed “jack of all trades” artist, who adapts from one medium to another like a chameleon adjusts to a new environment. She’s one of those artists who inspires you to pick up a new craft, regardless of any previous knowledge, and start creating.

Interview by Sara Riordan

Top five things about having a studio at Pablos

  1. Having a space to be creative in
  2. Having tutors to give advice
  3. Meeting lots of lovely people
  4. The opportunities to exhibit my work in the ROAR Gallery
  5. Knowing how much my mental health has improved since first coming here.

Top five favourite New Zealand artists

  1. Simon Morse
  2. Kiran X
  3. Soren Lane
  4. Eddie Hayden
  5. Ariki Brightwell

Top five favourite international artists

  1. Chris Malidore
  2. Luis Royo
  3. Garth Ennis
  4. Jhonen Vasquez
  5. Kaori Yuki

Top five things to say when someone’s talking to you but isn’t really listening

  1. I see
  2. Indeed
  3. Hmmmn …
  4. Chuckle
  5. Be silent

Top five things to draw with

  1. Stablo Swano 4350 nib pen
  2. Zebra Delguard .05 pencil
  3. Copic Multiliner, Black, 0.3
  4. Cretacolor Monolith 6B
  5. My indenting tools for sheets of metal

Top five art words

  1. Generating
  2. Texture
  3. Contrast
  4. Juxtapose
  5. Complementary opposites


Pablos Art Studios provides people who have experience of mental ill health with free materials, tuition and support to make art. For more information visit its website. 




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