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This page has information about discounts, donations and free publications.

Payroll giving 

Employees can give to community organisations through their pay. Payroll giving enables donations to go directly from a person’s pay to a chosen community organisation. The scheme will be administered through the PAYE tax system, so people whose employers sign up for the scheme will receive the tax benefits of their donations each payday without having to present donation receipts or wait to claim at the end of a tax year.

Payroll giving is a voluntary scheme that enables donations to go directly from an individual donor's gross pay to their chosen community organisation listed on Inland Revenue's donee list. Visit the Payroll Giving website for more information.

Becoming an approved donee organisation

Are you a not-for-profit organisation? If so, are you registered with Inland Revenue as an approved donee organisation? This page lists all of the donee organisations and tells you how you can apply. It's important to  do this so donors to your organisation can claim a tax rebate on their donation. There are significant tax rebate benefits for individuals and companies making donations to not-for-profits.

Donations toolkit

Check out Creative New Zealand’s useful online donations toolkit. It includes recent changes to New Zealand’s tax rules on donations and how to make the most of these. There’s also a section on how to find the right donors and build strong relationships with them.


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