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This page is aimed at arts organisations and individuals wanting to promote their work and the artists or communities they work with. Mainstream media - print, radio, television - is one of the outlets you can use but it can be difficult to get coverage. The good news is that there are many other ways to promote yourself or your organisation. This page lists some of the ways you can get wide coverage. Please email Iona if you have other suggestions you would like added to this page. If you want to promote your accessible event, you can add it to Arts Access Aotearoa's Events page.


A New Zealand independent news publication, Scoop says it is respected widely in political, business and academic circles, with a readership of high-value, professionals with a social and environmental conscience. Its policy on the publication of press release and associated material is simple. "If it's a press release issued in New Zealand, is legible, legal, sane, not hateful and not defamatory we will most probably publish it."

Scoop is a great way to promote what you do to a wide readership. Send all news and press releases to be published to

Association of Community Access Broadcasters

There are eleven community access radio stations from Southland through to Auckland. They’re making radio by, for and about the communities they serve. As the website for the Association of Community Access Broadcasters states, people are at the centre of the process and there is no editor. Access radio is a great vehicle for you to let the community know about what you’re doing and the great stories you have to tell.

The Big Idea

This online community for New Zealand arts and artists features art news, arts jobs, and other work and income opportunities. You can create your own profile and upload content about what you do and the artists you work with.

Social media


Imagine an audience of more than 2.4 million people. That’s how many New Zealanders are on Facebook and like it or not, Facebook is an important way to let others know what you're up to. If you're not sure how to get started or how to build an audience, download Making the most of Facebook: a guide for community arts organisations, prepared by Arts Access Aotearoa.

WORD icon Making the most of Facebook 

PDF icon Making the most of Facebook 


Instagram is like a digital comic book, with each tile acting as its own self-contained story. So it’s up to you to decide what you’d like to reveal. Depending on what you want to achieve, Instagram can inform audiences about your organisation's upcoming events, promotions or great artworks. Projecting a particular social media identity can strengthen your brand reputation and enable an accessible way of communication with your target audiences. With Instagram reaching more than 500 million monthly users worldwide, you’d be selling your organisation short not to use this social media tool.


Twitter is made for concise and informative writing. With a maximum limit of 280 characters, be sure to make each letter, space and punctuation mark count. Tips on how to shorten your tweet include using shortened synonyms, substituting numbers for words and using contractions whenever possible. Use hashtags (#), where possible, as they’re an alternative search method that can lead new and current followers to your account and website.





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