Reflecting a positive city


Simon Rees, Director of the Len Lye Centre, outside the paint-splattered building Photo: Andy Jackson/Fairfax NZ
When misguided behaviour happens in any place, we are reminded of the need to invest in people to build their knowledge and reduce their fear through education, social inclusion and employment opportunities.

All people can be encouraged to express their emotions constructively for the improvement of their community. Attacks of violence on people or property in any form are unacceptable.

This blog has been sparked by the vandalism of New Plymouth’s iconic Len Lye Centre over the past weekend. Water balloons filled with what looked like white paint were thrown at Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre, splattering the pristine stainless steel facade with white dots.

This anonymous cowardly attack demonstrates there are those who do not believe in a community’s right to uphold the expression and manifestation of creative human imagination.

The people of New Plymouth have a right to be proud of the Len Lye Centre, a world-class and inclusive art gallery. It reflects (literally) a positive city, which chose to provide it a home. 

Read the full story, Len Lye Centre hit by paint-filled water balloons in late night vandal attack

Reflecting a positive city


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