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Wellington's Cuba StRE-INTEGRATION CHALLENGES: “There are some wide-ranging assumptions that ‘the community’ will take care of vulnerable people and that ‘they’ will take up what is available. Like, ‘There are services, aren’t there?’” Read Richard Benge’s latest blog

Affordable art at the Awesome Arts Acces Auction

AFFORDABLE ART: Where can people buy affordable, vibrant and high-quality art these days? Fortunately, there are community-based art spaces, called creative spaces, throughout New Zealand where people are making interesting, accessible and affordable art. Read Richard Benge’s blog about upcoming auctions and exhibitions

Vincents Art Workshop
Creative spaces provide support and opportunities to make art for people, often with limited opportunities to do so. Read about the history of these spaces, which date back to 1985 when Vincents Art Workshop was founded in downtown Wellington.  

wheelchair user and companion
CALL FOR COMPANION CARD SCHEME: "Every country should have a companion card system," says an Australian visitor whose son is disabled. Richard Benge, Arts Access Aotearoa, joins the discussion on NewstalkZB

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern
IMPORTANCE OF ACCESS: "One little word when it comes to the arts is so valuable and important to me - access." Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern gave the opening address at Creative New Zealand’s conference, Nui Te Korero, in May 2018. Watch the video 

CONNECTING THROUGH MUSIC: Chamber Music New Zealand received the Arts Access Creative New Zealand Arts For All Award 206 for its Accessible Concerts Programme, which includes relaxed performances and workshops. Watch the video and read more


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