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#CreativeSpacesWeek 2020 bannerCELEBRATING CREATiVE SPACES: Join Arts Access Aotearoa in promoting the value of creative spaces during #CreativeSpacesWeek 2020 from Monday 17 February to Sunday 23 February. Read more

AUTISM STEREOTYPES: Wellington writer L.J. Ritchie has been frustrated at the portrayal of autistic characters in books since he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in 2002. Read more

ONE TO WATCH: Writer and spoken-word poet Helen Vivienne Fletcher performs Stick-abled: video directed, shot and edited by Rajeev Mishra.

Bronwyn Haines and Henrietta Bollinger otuside ParliamentVALUE OF CREATIVE SPACES: A report presenting key findings from a survey of creative spaces aims to provide key decision-makers and agencies with more information about the sector. Read the report 

CONNECTING THROUGH MUSIC: Chamber Music New Zealand received the Arts Access Creative New Zealand Arts For All Award 206 for its Accessible Concerts Programme, which includes relaxed performances and workshops. Watch the video and read more


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